Wednesday, April 1, 2015

OAC first comment- April, and more!

The first commentor-er-or on the OAC this month was keichan, but that's not all we have on the plate, there's more!
Album 60's official summary was released to me today, it is as follows:
When Whit's health suddenly takes a turn for the worse, the crowed at Whit's End have to cope with the possibility that Whit might die. Barrett breaks his arm, Buck gets beat up, and Matthew deals with pressure at school. Penny's family also comes to town for a special event. What more could happen in Adventures in Odyssey Album 60? To find out, listen to this epic album dealing with death, marriage, peer pressure, and bullies.
Cool huh? 
-Trenton Landmark
April fools! (Except for the OAC first commentor, um er)


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