Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Pilots Of Oaklen, Part 1, Payback


By Trenton Landmark

  Bailef Barnes, who was a part of the Oaklenian air-force, was on his way to the Krentilon Sector. As he skillfully piloted his speedy air ship through the Marovian asteroid field, he noticed a Culidrian ship being unfairly harassed by larger, malevolent Jalovian vessel. Because Oaklen was a strong ally of Culidrial, and an even stronger enemy of Jalovia, Barnes quickly went to the aid of the small Culidrian aircraft. When Barnes joined the tussle, the battle immediately turned for the worse for the Jalovian, who fled away quickly. Barnes radioed the Culidrian, to see if he was alright. The Culidrian, whose name was Gragam Hulshztix, expressed that he was and thanked Barnes. After a brief word, they parted ways. Bailef would not think much of this incident for many years.

         On one, fatal day, Oaklen was pelted by bombs from Jalovian airships. People all over the city were brutally killed.  Bailef Barnes, who was sleeping at the beginning of the attack, woke up to his house exploding. If Bailef had been inches closer to the bomb, he would have been killed. Because the space port was destroyed, there were no Oaklenian ships to fight the Jalovians. The bombing didn't stop after the first volley- it continued. Bailef saw many terrible things happen; a family desecrated by a bomb that hit their house; a kindergarten incinerated by three bombs at once; two boys running for an alley, but one of them hit by a rock from a destroyed building before he could make it. The other pulled him in, but Bailef wasn't sure if he was still alive. As Barnes ran, he noticed a group of other soldiers running into a building. He joined them.

      “Ah, Colonel Bailef Barnes, you've decided to join us.” The speaker was Frunwick Hochig, the admiral of the of the Oaklen air-force. The group wasn't large. Just a few of the pilots: Dan Raleigh, Ral Gartons, Jake Isutnion.  When the group settled down (they were rather excited), Hochig sullenly looked out the window. “They're about to launch a ground attack. Let's meet them with our own counterstrike”. Valiant effort was made on the side of Oaklen that day, and because of the bravery of Dan Raleigh, they captured ships from the enemy. And who from the Culidrian air force do you think was there to help the Oaklenians? That's right. Commander Gragam Hulshztix.

That story was written as a writing assignment. The two boys he mentions seeing are Titus and Keeve. Only one of the pilots has an appearance in the audio drama- Dan Raleigh (who is killed in his first scene). I may start a mini series off of this, called "The Pilots of Oaklen". Many of the characters will never appear in the drama, but they'll still be great characters (hopefully). The main characters will probably be Ral Gartons, Jake Isutnion, Frunwick Hochig, and Bailef Barnes. These stories will fit right into the audio drama. The first one has a bit of a sudden ending, because I ran out of time. Anyways, tell me what you think of it!
-Trenton Landmark, hope you enjoyed!

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