Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Something is gonna arrive, and I don't know what it is...

That's right, for the past year, I've been catching hints about an upcoming AIO fansite, called, Odyssey Addict. I don't know much about it, but it's been a Facebook page since 2012, and they have a Twitter account that says:
The Offcial Twitter page of Odyssey Addict, and Adventures In Odyssey fansite coming Summer 2015.
Back to Trenton talking again, I noticed they spelled "Official" wrong which might point to a kid running the whole outfit, and Shona Kennedy mentioned them during the interview I did for the Trent Show about a year ago. She said she would be working with them on something top secret. Hmm... If anyone from AIO Addict sees this post, give me some explanation about what's going on in the comment bar. 
-Trenton Landmark 

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  1. According to Shona's twitter account, she'll be "doing a blog for @Odyssey_Addict, launching Spring 2016."


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