Sunday, February 1, 2015

First comment record built on!

Jamesobie, of the OAC, (who would be me) built on his first comment record of three by getting the second straight first comment. That makes the record four. In other news, new OAC episode, The Cure, Part 1 of 3, was amazing. What Wooton episode could bad?
Episode description:
Wooton's visit home leads to surprise encounters and a chance to carry the Gospel into remote Alaskan villages during the Iditarod.

We have also had our first entry to the AIOFansite secret word contest! Micah LeClercq got the answer correct! Note: this contest is not meant to be hard. I have TONS of script pages, so I'm willing to let it go until supplies last. 
-Trenton Landmark

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