Monday, February 2, 2015

Twisting Pathway (episode 492)

I don't have a lot to talk about but I will say that I now understand why that last episode, Black Veil, was needed.
Novacom/Andromeda found out their technology "short circuited" (as they called it). They soon realized that the  imagination station plans that they received from the guy "Barry" (in the episode "Breaking Point") were faulty. Remember how Whit left out part of the plans? This was probably what was making their box not work properly. Mr. Charles needed the actually imagination station in order to make the box work.

So anyways, in this episode, Erica over hears a conversation between Mr. Charles and her father. Mr. Charles wants Mr. Colburn, Erica's father, to get him the imagination station by the end of the week. After talking to her father and hearing him tell her that he wants to resign because of this, Erica decides to take matters into her own hands. Even after her father told her not to get mixed up with the Novacom people, she still helps Mr. Charles steal the imagination station. Of course Whit puts the pieces together and soon discovers that Erica helped steal the imagination station. After all this, even though he promised Erica, Mr. Charles fires Mr. Colburn.

Personally I knew that Mr. Charles wouldn't keep Erica and his little agreement in the end. He got what he wanted without Mr. Colburn's help, and so Erica's father wasn't needed anymore. Mr. Colburn's knew himself that even if he got the imagination station, Novacom would keep asking him to do unreasonable and, most likely, illegal tasks.

This episode further proves that Erica really was a bad influence on Aubrey. I knew that Erica doesn't mind tripping people up that are in the way of what she wants. She has done that in the past with Aubrey when they had to deal with the police, and so the fact that she lead Nick on, just to get what she wanted, didn't surprise me.

Something I wanted to mention was that I, like Whit, am proud of everything Aubrey did in this episode. When she got in trouble, she didn't excuse the truth but took responsibility. Also when Erica came to talk to her, even though she didn't like her, she still took the time to listen to her and, most importantly, prayed for her.
Another thing Aubrey did that I was proud of was that she forgave Erica for what she did to her and even asked Erica for forgiveness for being rude to her and not forgiving her right away. Aubrey is definitely growing in her faith and others can see how much she has changed over the past few episodes. I'm so glad Aubrey is on the right path!

I didn't really find anything wrong with this episode so I'm giving it a thumbs up 👍.

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