Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Black Veil Parts 1 and 2 (episode 490-491)

I first wanted to mention that I think this episode wasn't needed. The boxes by Veil industries were worthless if they just recalled them afterwards. Why didn't AIO make Veil Industries only make the boxes correctly and for Whit to discover the problem with the proper boxes rather than these? This episode was unnecessary.
The only importance this episode really had was the port sending out radio waves and Monika Stone joining Jason's team. (ofcourse they could have just figured out this "port" in the correctly made box and Monika could have come to meet Jason in the end of the next episode since she doesn't reappear until 2 episodes from now).

The episode as a whole was okay. It was mysterious and all but it was very violent. As a side note, at first, I was wondering why the producers recommended this for those over eight years old. But once my mom listened to it, she asked me if I had ever let my younger brother hear it because she thinks it was a bit violent for him.
I did like this episode (when do I ever hate AIO episodes), but another thing with it was that it sounded like those science fiction movies. I do enjoy science fiction novels and movies but AIO is not science fiction. Like can radio waves seriously do that to people? I think that's a bit over the top.

So we finally get to see the first works of this radio wave research. This port is apparently sending out radio wave signals which are some how warping everyone's brains and making them go crazy even though they weren't supposed to do that. The radio waves in these boxes must have went wrong for them to recall all the boxes. They don't have Eugene's research which is probably why everything went wrong and caused the people to go ballistic. Eugene's research leads into my next topic: Monika.
She obviously joined Jason's missions team to see if he has the package. This probably means that Eugene mailed the package to Jason (the package he came to deliver in the middle of the night in Odyssey) and that package also probably contains the radio wave study research.
But my only question is: How did Monika come to the conclusion that Jason has the package? Where did Eugene give her a clue that he would send it to Jason? I didn't even think of Jason as a possibility when Eugene went to mail it.

I think we knew from the moment they mentioned about a new satellite system that it was the problem. But it wasn't just irritability, the people affected would also have dreams where they would see themselves as a monster.
So now that I've brought that up, I think that it was foolish of Whit to try a technology on himself. Like this is from a totally different season in the future, but like Eugene decided to do the same thing and what happened to him? The guy lost his memory.
But I do understand why Whit needed to test it and only on himself. He obviously couldn't let anyone else do it since it was potentially dangerous but he needed to know what this box was doing to the people.

To conclude I just wanted to add that I was a bit shocked that Novacom/Andromeda/Veil Industries (are they all they same thing?) would use Odington and Alaska as their "lab rats". That is so dangerous. It just further proves that Novacom/Andromeda/Veil Industries cannot be trusted.
I'm going to say that for all the violence, science fiction, and the "unrequiredness" of this episode, that I'm going to rate it ok. 👌

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