Sunday, January 4, 2015

Section Solo

The music of Solomon Kim at Section Solo is tremendous. Five star. It's upbeat, and has feeling. I usually have a sense of adventure and awe when listening to it. The work he's done for me in The Adventures of Titus Billings is great. View the theme song of the album here. But that's not the only music he's done. He did a Christmas song for TWEP (viewed here), and creates his own music all the time. A list of songs he's done is here. Solomon makes my audio drama come to life, and, in the words of some, create's it's best part. Where the voice-overs' audio quality is lacking, Solomon's music fills the void. It inspires me to keep going when the going gets rough on the drama. Unfortunately, not enough people know about Solomon's work for him to make any profit off it. The work he does for me is exchange for advertising, and not real money. If you're willing, +1 this post, or re-share it on your Facebook or Twitter, and try to get the word around about Solomon and his work!
-Trenton Landmark

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  1. The official soundtrack for Titus Billings Part 1 will be available soon.


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