Sunday, January 4, 2015

Green Eyes And Yellow Tulips (epsiode 463)

Ooooo, my romantic self just jumped out of the closet. CONNIE IS IN LOVE!!
Let's just talk about this for a while... Oh the romance... Mitch is such a sweet guy. I love him already. I don't care that he works for Novacom and now I think Connie has stopped caring too.
Referring back to "Love Is In The Air", Connie was in desperate need of a romance. Eugene had Katrina, Jason had Tasha, and Connie... Was left with no one. Jack talked to her and told her that her time will come when she will get a guy. Jack foreshadowed what the writers probably already had in mind: a romance for Connie.

Connie's character had been a bit dry lately. She works at the Timothy Centre as well as Whits End, but she hasn't really fought with Eugene like she used to and she hasn't gone on some crazy adventure. I think she just needed a guy like Mitch to walk in her life and sweep her off her feet and get her back to what we have all missed. And I think Steve Burns (Mitch's actor) laid on the charm quite good.

In this episode, we didn't really see Novacom much, only Mitch.
So about Mitch as a character, I think that he is either pretty innocent or a really good faker at being innocent. We can see quite early on, that the writers destined Novacom to be bad. They already had a riot against the company. The riot shows the rest of Odyssey reflects Whit's opinion about Novacom (although they did portray it in quite a drastic way). As for Mitch, he works for Novacom, a company that has bad and violent programming. We know that he's a Christian, and he is either faking his Christianity or he has no idea that Novacom is a bad company. Or maybe Mitch knows that Novacom is bad and is maybe trying to work from within and stop them. (If Mitch turned out to be like Jason that would be pretty awesome). But we can't really tell Mitch's motives of working for Novacom yet.
We can see that the writers are going to make Connie and Mitch get together. Since we don't know a lot about Mitch yet, I can't really say that it will be a bad thing. Mitch may turn out to be a really great guy who was totally oblivious to the fact that Novacom is bad (although we can't really say Novacom is bad... again this is still all my predictions) or he could be a total jerk trying to lead Connie on. (I doubt it's the latter one though). But the writers already know how this saga will go, so we will have to see how it turns out.

In this episode it was good to see Whit be true to his word. I think Mitch needed to see that. If he's a true christian, it would help him to know that Whit is someone he can come to for spiritual or even practical advice anytime he needed to. Also through this, Mitch could see Whit is trustworthy.
I liked how they brought Rodney in this episode. We can see that he is still his usual el-cheap-o and annoying guy.
To sum it up, this episode was AWESOME, (because I'm such a romantic- or maybe not), and I give it a thumbs up or actually 2! 👍👍

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