Monday, January 5, 2015

Chains part 1 and 2 (episode 468-469)

I'm still totally against this idea for a Whits End in Connelsville. Call me insensitive of the people of Connelsville all you want, but I still don't want it. I know the kids in the Oswald Heights need a place like Whits End, but I can't help by being a bit selfish and wanting Whits End only for Odyssey. I mean, AIO created Whits End for the town of Odyssey. That is the main attraction in Odyssey. That's what makes Odyssey different from the larger town of Connelsville.
I also don't really like Mary. Most of the time I'm not really judgemental about characters, (at least I don't think I am judgemental... Am I?...) but I don't know what bothers me about her... she just isn't likeable. I don't know how many fans I'm voicing on this, but I hope she leaves. She already gave Whit a bad person to help him with the imagination station. So maybe she is bad too and faking being a good lady. I'm getting a bit a ahead of the story because I'm already talking about an episode that hasn't occurred but I thought I would just say it. I don't like Mary Hopkins.

Next thing:
I actually like Tony. (See I'm not judgemental) He seems like he's a guy that is just in a heap of mess and needs Gods love and forgiveness to get out of it. That is one reason why I'm not quite spouting out fire when I think about a Whits End in Connelsville. It's a good outreach to the kids, who are like Tony, living there.
Tony had a reason to give Whit a bit of attitude. He couldn't fully trust Whit because he didn't know him. I think Whit responded correctly though. He gave Tony and Briana a home for the night and helped Briana when she was sick. He also found them a home with the Mulligans. I was also happy that Tony told him about why he broke into his office.

And speaking of that...

So all my questions: who is this bald man that told Tony to break into Whits office and place a dictionary in it that contained a camera? Why does he want to spy on Whit? Is he from Novacom? Is he the same guy who in the episode "Breaking Point" takes the Imagination Station plans from Barry or is he Barry? Does he have anything to do with Eugene?

I guess we will find out.
I know this was a short review for such a long episode, but I don't think I have much more to say except that I thought that this episode was good. I give it a thumbs up. 👍

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