Saturday, January 3, 2015

The W.E (episode 462)

No! No! No! I don't want a Whit's End in Connelsville! Please say no Whit!!! Whits End is exclusive to Odyssey. we can't be having more Whit's Ends in Connelsville and the other towns around Odyssey. Whit created Whits End just for Odyssey and not anywhere else. It just a doesn't work. The thought of a chain of Whits End is scary. Just no.

I haven't really seen this side of Whit. He is second guessing his connection to the kids, he's not focused on God's greater plan--> only on what is happening in the present, and he seems to think that this new company "Novacom" is going to take away the kids God gave him to minister to.
I think Whit needed the reminder from both Tom and Mary that he still does have that special connection with the kids that no adult can have. I guess I'm used to seeing him be the one giving others advice, but now he's the one who needs to listen to his own words of wisdom. I actually think that because we got to see that he isn't always "perfect" and always "Whit", that it improved the episode. I think AIO episodes shouldn't be always full of happiness, but they should show the real struggles even the wisest have to go through.
I agree with the lady Mary in this episode that Whit's End should stay the same. There shouldn't be all these virtual games and Imagination Station adventures that feature an entire book of the Bible in 3 minutes. Instead, Whits End should be the place where kids can come and get good advice from Whit, someone who doesn't judge them. It is a place where kids can be themselves.

Now that I've talked about the lessons from this episode, let's see how it relates to the developing story arc. So in this episode, we see that Whits End is totally deserted and all the kids are now hanging at this new Novacom place. We can see how Novacom is starting to pull the kids in. Novacom is trying to be this innocent new broadcasting company, but they are something bigger that we haven't found out much about yet. We can see this from the last episode- "Nova Rising". Cal and Alex discovered Novacom has something to do with this "radio wave study" and they seem to be keeping it hidden. This hints to the audience that it will come up later on. If the writers brought it up, then it will definitely appear in coming episodes. I guess we will have to see.
Through all this, we have to wonder what is Novacom up to in Odyssey. Why are they here?
I think this episode was ok. 👌

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