Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Breaking Point (episode 473)

Again I'm gonna stress my point about not liking this new Whit's End in Connelsville. Whit is so busy with it, that he is not around in the Odyssey Whit's End much anymore. Not just the fact that we miss him there, but because he isn't around he cannot make sure his employees know what to do in case of an emergency. Things begin to happen like what happened to Alex Jefferson. This also get the kids' parents worried that their kids aren't safe and being taken care of properly and they lose their trust in Whit. I think Whit needed to hear from Alex's father how the parents are reacting when they see Whit isn't at his own shop, but in another town. They think he has no time for their kids because the new Whit's End is taking up all his time. He has no time to connect with the kids anymore. I just wish he left the new Whits End to Mary and stayed in Odyssey. Then Nick wouldn't have went crazy and Alex would have got out of the imagination station in a safer way.
And speaking of Mary, she is really starting to get on my nerves. She is being forceful and a big nag. She was the one who forced Barry upon Whit. I don't like her at all.
As for Barry, I knew from the beginning he was a bit strange. When Whit didn't trust him with the plans, that was one clue that told me that he probably isn't trustworthy. Because when Whit brings something up, he's almost always right. Also when Barry said that he was good at everything, just by the way he said it, I knew that there was something a bit weird about him. I didn't suspect that he would steal the plans, but I thought that Barry might do something to the imagination station. I was also surprised when Barry finished building it so fast, faster than Whit probably could have built it. Also the fact that he just left in like 5 minutes told me that he had something to hide. I knew that he had either not finished it or stolen an important piece of it. After he left, he met a man and gave him, actually sold him, the plans. Who could he have sold the plans to? Could it be a man from Novacom? Or (this is getting a bit ahead of the story) could he have sold it to this company "Andromeda"? I didn't recognize the voice as someone who has appeared yet, but he does sound like the bad kind of guy. (Almost like Dr. Blackgaard's voice). This is kind of a long shot, but could he be that guy who told Tony to plant the camera in Whit's office? And/or (this is getting ahead of the story again) could this guy have planted the camera in Jared DeWhite's father's office?

Another thing I want to talk about is Eugene. In this episode, when Whit asked Nick if Eugene was open to work, Nick asked him, "Eugene who? The guy doesn't work here anymore..." I really think that the writers are trying to kill off Eugene. I wonder if Will Ryan, the actor, cannot be part of the cast anymore. Maybe he's too busy with other shows and movies, so they are killing him off.
But speaking of Eugene not being around, we all still have to wonder what he is doing with this "radio wave study" at the college and how he and the study connect to Novacom. Also we don't even know what this study is, there are endless possibilities. I wonder if they are trying to use the radio wave study to affect the people. Like maybe it is some kind of chemical bomb or something. Or maybe they are trying to see visible light through other waves such as radio waves. Ok... My guesses are really bad. But I guess we will find out soon enough.

I think that's about it. I actually liked this episode (even when Mary was being a nag). I give it a thumbs

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