Friday, July 18, 2014

Hall of AIO Commenters:

I thought that I should do an article dedicated to all the fans that comment on different AIO sites, and create a list of the top commenters:

  1. Christopher 164- This iron-man of commenters posts on every Odyssey site I can think of! (Except mine)1
  2. StormShadow- if this top AIO commenter comments on this article, I would not be surprised!
  3. Bigsister- fellow Odyssey Adventure Club members should recognize this name from the chat boxes of all the new episodes!
  4. The Stiletto  
  5. 1 of 9
So Christopher 164, StormShadow, Bigsister, The Stiletto, and 1 of 9, thank you for making all AIO webmasters more interesting!
-Trenton Landmark<><


  1. Haha, Somebody told me about this so I had to come. :D Thanks I actually didn't know about this blog, but thank you very much, and I will listen to The Trent Show as often as I can. :D


  2. Hey, I forgot to say something in my last comment, (Something I'm notorious for) Your blog is Awesome!!!


  3. Hey, dude btw if you ever wanted to add more people that are great AIO fans and commenters, add FlyingRider, and Horses, those are just people that comment a lot and stuff, if you don't want to put them in, its perfectly fine.

    -Hopefully, your friend

  4. Salud, AIOFansite. It's me from the OAC, Micah. Just wanted to say I am impressed with the input and recognition of prime members of the Odyssey Adventure Club. TheStiletto is a preferable acquaintance of mine. Keep up the good work.

  5. Thank you for the mention. Sorry I took so long to see this.


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