Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Ties that Bind, Part 3-4!

This article contains information on The Ties that Bind, Parts 3-4, available only to members of the Odyssey Adventure Club   

Part 3

Personally, it was one my favorite episodes so far of The Ties Bind series. It started out with the Parker family, rushing out the door to get to church. First David, then Eva, Olivia, Matthew, and finally Camilla. Then, through a series of events, an argument ensued, about the family being tense. Then Matthew said, "So were getting tense, about not being tense?" Meanwhile, at Kendall home, Connie and Jules fight about whether Jules needs to go to church or not. 
        Later on, at Comic-Connellsville, Hadley Basset, Wootons MALE cousin (to Stop Wooton' Around at AIOWiki) introduces Wooton's big announcement about a new comic book series (called The Sleuth Family Robinson), and mentions Power Boy, Drake the Cosmic Copper, and Captain Absolutely, and does a Q & A on Wooton Basset comics. A great episode, and there is more stuff that I did not mention! Sign up for the OAC to here this today!

Part 4

It begins with Eugene and Katrina waiting for Buck Oliver, so they can finalize there foster parenting of him. Whits End gets vandalized by a mysterious group, and Whit, Jason, and Detective Polhous investigate. Wally Hagler checks out the mysterious Hangman's Hollow, and Jay is frantic to visit himself. Another great reason to become a member of the OAC now!

My Favorite moments:

  1. The mention of Power Boy, a comic book character dropped from the series because of copyrights
  2. The return of Buck Oliver 
  3. Hadley's slobber-filled drum-role
  4. Everything Detective Polhous says
  5. Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay!

Oh, and stay tuned for the upcoming Trent Show where I interview Shona Kennedy. I know that date (the 21st) is marked on my calender! 
And to Will L: Great job on the Ceiling Fan Reveiw! I was never a huge fan of the Ceiling Fan, but I checked it out after that article, and I'm starting to enjoy it! (But Ethan really, really, really, really makes me mad!)
-Trenton Landmark<><

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