Sunday, July 20, 2014

AIOWiki woes... & Truth Be Told

I messed up the preferences on my AIOWiki account. This is the message I get as soon as I log in:
 Fatal error: Class 'SkinLegacy' not found in /home/aiowiki/aiowiki/w/skins/Standard.php on line 33.
Pretty lame, especially since I can't fix my problem 'cause I can't get access to the site!

Now, truth be told, I am the same person as Jamesobie. I used that as a pen name after the TWEP thing happened, and I thought I should come out with the truth. My user-name on aiowiki is Jamesobie, and now, if you read this Reddo, my email is, and I am asking you to help me with this situation. I might be able to fix this situatio, though.

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