Thursday, April 30, 2015

#Historic Moment

  Hey guys! I just wanted to say that we are just hours away from the release of the first B-TV episode since 2007! That's seven years since the last B-TV episode! Unfortunately, this episode is only available on the OAC, so if I were you, I'd spend five bucks to get one month of OAC, just to check it out. Seriously OAC haters, you're really missing out. In the latest AIO podcast, linked to here, you can check out a preview for the upcoming episode. Oh, and just for clarification, Bernard Walton is not in this episode. :( I wonder who will be running his show. Probably Whit or Mr. Skint. 

      Anyways, hope you had a great April! Mine was, hmm, average. I killed my knee last month, and the only sport I've been allowing myself to play is football. Yerps. An average month, but please pray for me, because I'm moving to Edwardsville, Illinois on May 11th. 

Oh, and BTW, the next episode of Titus Billings, The Adventures of Titus Billings, Back on the Battlefield, will come out in two parts, the first part to be released soon. I'm just waiting for the last of the actors to send me their lines. Thank you, all who participated. It was awesome to have so many people back me on this. I'd also like to thank Section Solo for the great music his made for the new drama. It's even better than his last music!

Well, I've gotta go. I'll post again soon!
-Trenton Landmark

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  1. I have an explanation for my procrastinated compilation of scenes, as I cannot do it. Mind if you download them all, or for me to merely re-record them? For further details, visit my posts for "Alcove Godcast, Broadcast 1".


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