Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Expect the Worst (episode 497)

The tower is gone! I think that is the only bright side of this episode. With the tower gone, the boxes won't work anymore so at least that much is fixed. 
But as for Tom... I do not think that he actually blew up the tower. Here's why... Ok so in the scene, Cal is climbing the tower. Cal sees someone running from where the tower is, down the hill and into the woods. Then less than a minute later, Tom comes up the hill from his farm. Right there you can see that the 2 people are not the same. Tom was in his house, not the woods, so how can he be going into the woods one minute and coming from his farm the next. Something isn't right here...
Second of all, when Tom comes running up the hill he tells the boys the tower is going to blow and that they need to get away. Why would he come back to save the boys if he put the bomb there. He knew that it could blow up any second, so why would he risk his life like that if he put the bomb there. That is like suicide.
Lastly, it is not Tom because even though he told Whit he would pull the tower down if he could, why would he physically do that? He is a christian. Besides it is someone else's property, they are leasing from you. If you go and blow up there tower then that's like renting your basement out to someone then throwing their things out of the house because you don't like them.
Also, saying something is different from actually doing it, (although there is the argument that: saying something does lead to acting upon it.) 

Alright, enough about Tom. 

In the last episode, Exceptional Circumstances, we saw Jason talk to Monika about the Novabox and how she was blinding herself from the truth of it. In this episode, we saw Monika actually listened to Jason and go and talk to Mr. Charles about the box. 
This was the first episode I actually liked Monika. She decided to do something good and moral. Even Mr. Charles noticed her "remove her mask"-> that's why he asked her if she is doing this for some "moral" reason. (But being the person she is, she of course lied to his face.) 
I think since the last episode where she talk to Jason, Monika is beginning to change. This is her time for redemption. I know that through more time, and of course Jesus, she can be fully changed and transformed. For now though, Jason has helped remove the blinders off, so now, she is looking for the true answer. 
I have a feeling that Monika is going to change sides and help reveal everything to the police about Andromeda. But I think she also knows there is a cost. (That she will still receive jail time.)

Before I bring this review to a close, I wanted to say what I really liked about this episode. And that is the fact that AIO integrated Jack's group's prayer throughout the entire trial. Prayer is very important and I think people like Whit have been so busy trying to figure out Andromeda's next move and what their latest plan is, that they have forgotten to take time to stop and pray. Many times we as Christians forget to pray, and I think that this episode really was a reminder to those who have been neglecting or forgetting to pray, that they need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Anyways that's all for this--again--shorter review. I give this episode a thumbs up 👍🏼

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