Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Trent Show Episode One, Season One

Yes, I'm doing the Trent Show again, and rebooting it. The January edition is officially out. No promises  that it will be monthly, but I will do my best.
Apologies for the audio quality. Also, the starting pic of the video was accidental, I didn't purposely pull THAT face.
Trenton Landmark 


  1. I plan on seeing this soon. But I can't believe how deep your voice is!
    Found ya on Khan!

    -Christopher 164

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  2. Why is the depth of my voice so surprising?

  3. To your indebtedness for my response, I send you my acceptance. Although, so you said, my name is not pronounced "Leclerk"; it is a common mistake. My name is Cajun, so it is pronounced like insinuating "Leclair", as the "cq" is silent, similar to the actress "Samantha LeClerc".


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