Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sheep's Clothing (episode 493)

Give me a second to get over myself or else I'm going to go and punch someone right in the face.
Alright, that sounds mean... But I will still punch something!

I'm so mad right now that I don't know if I want to punch Monika or Charles. Actually I think Monika, Charles and Jason all deserve it.
Uh! I have to stop being so violent... Even when I'm mad.

Ok I need to talk about something else before I blow up. Let me talk about Walter.
I think I need to give Walter a pat on the back. He definitely deserves it. I guess he isn't a Pastor for nothing. He knows a wolf in sheep's clothing when he sees one.

Now back to the topic that makes me throughly aggravated.
Take a deep breath... Ok... I'm fine now...
In all honesty, even if I didn't know Monika was bad from the beginning of this episode, I probably would have at least seen the signs.
Jason wasn't himself in this episode. Even Walter noticed it. Like I mean for Jason to not see the sloppy job of covering her tracks that Monika was, he must have been really love blinded. Like the woman didn't know some missionary named Kenny, who knew everyone in the entire country when she went to visit?... That was a bit strange to me. Then after she avoided Walter by asking him the amount of chairs he wanted.
I think the next big thing that popped out to me was when Monika and Jason were talking and Jason told her that he wanted to be with a Christian woman. Monika wondered if being with a christian woman was a "deal breaker" for him. Like how could Jason not see her hesitance?... That's a bit weird.
Even my mom thought it was a bit odd for him not to notice that. Like my mom came into the room and only listened to that part. She hadn't heard the entire Novcom saga that time, but I told her what was kind of happening in the scene, and right away when she heard Monika ask Jason if that was a deal breaker that he be with a christian, my mom asked me if the girl was a faker.
Like please Jason were you deaf as well as blind?
I don't mean to sound cruel but seriously if my mom only heard that much of the conversation and she realized it...

So now that I've got that off my chest, I just wanted to talk about the package.
So Monika took the package, like we all knew would happen, and sent the info to Charles. We also found out how she knew to go to Alaska to find the package and that was because she tapped Eugene's phone.

So now that Novacom has all they need to make their technology work: the imagination station and Eugene's research, they are going to bring all the boxes back. Even though they probably won't make everyone crazy, I think we will finally find out exactly what is the box's purpose.

I don't think there's anything else I wanted to talk about so that's all.
I give this episode an ok. (It would have got a thumbs up had it not been for Jason's blindness) 👌


  1. Victoria, I know Jason was so blind in this episode, but I think this was one of my favorite episodes in the saga. And I love the character of Monica.
    I’m really enjoying your reviews. I even gave you a shout out on my website!
    -Christopher 164
    MUSIC GIVEAWAY: http://christopher164.weebly.com/blog/fan-treehouse-apologetix-a-look-back-and-a-look-ahead#comment-1826843471

  2. So, because Monica doesn't know someone who, according to Walter, is commonly known somewhere she visited, Jason was supposed to think, "Hmm, I bet she's an evil spy"? She mostly came across as quite charming. Jason was decidedly off his game, (also known as trusting which isn't necessarily a bad thing) but still, he had no idea of any motivation for her to be a fake. So far as he knew, there would be no reason for some random woman to pop up imitating an intern.


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