Thursday, February 12, 2015

Outside the Box, issue 3

Stuart Mullins found an Adventures in Odyssey Lego project on Lego Ideas. It has 55 supporters, and has 76 days to get to 10,000! If it reaches 10,000, it could be made into an actual set!
The set's name is Adventures in Odyssey: The Final Conflict: Beneath the Tunnels. It's linked to here. It has the characters Jack Allen and Regis Blackgaard. C'mon AIO fans! If we band together and support this set, we could make it a reality! Who's with me? Soloman Kim? Micah LeClercq? Here are some more pics:
Over and Out!
-Trenton Landmark

1 comment:

  1. There are contingencies for improvement, like Blackgaard's lack of facial hair and other villainous appearances, such as his white hair stripe and overcoat. If Connie, Jason, Sam (with a walkie-talkie), and a police vehicle were installed, that would clench it! Even without, I whole-heartily support this creative set!

    There is one minor flaw, however. AIO only appeals to Christians, and LEGO only complies with all demographics, as noticed by Will L. Otherwise, I would buy it in a heartbeat, even if I am not an adulator of the brittle bricks.


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