Monday, February 16, 2015

Breaking News! Paul McCusker resigns!

Yep, Paul McCusker, author of over 300 AIO episodes, has resigned from his role as Creative Director at Focus on the Family. 
Focus on the Family had this to say about the resigning of Paul:

 It was a very difficult decision for Paul to make, and although we aren’t sure whether he will have the time to write for Adventures in Odyssey or Radio Theatre as a freelancer (as he has done several times in the past), we'll always stay in contact with him as friends. Paul has said that he's not leaving Focus so much as moving on to the next thing the Lord is calling him to accomplish. 

We're sorry to see him go, but also excited for the impact he'll make in his new venture.  And you can rest assured, Adventures in Odyssey will continue into the future with the same quality and mission as always. In life, change is inevitable. But God's plans never change, and our future is one of hope and joy. As Whit says, The best is yet to come."

More info at the AIOUpdate.
-Trenton Landmark

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