Friday, January 30, 2015

Under the Influence Part 1 and 2 (episode 488 and 489)

Wahoo!! Aubrey is now a Christian! Boy we have waited quite a while. I'm glad she accepted Jesus with her father present. He seems to be the only one she can tell things to and can understand her. Connie is there for her, but she doesn't seem to open up to Connie like she opens up to her father.

There was something I realized about her father. He is quite like mine. When my father sees I'm going through a stage in my life where I'm changing, like maybe I'm becoming less interested in church or I'm talking back to my parents or I'm spending time with the wrong influences, it causes my father not to be able to sleep at night. So he just prays for me, even if it's all night.
Aubrey's dad is very similar to mines and that's one reason I love Aubrey, her character, and her family. I find that Aubrey is one of my favourite AIO characters because many things that go through her head and the things she experiences, relate to things I'm going through. (Another example of this is "The Big Deal" in album 35). And not just in my own life, Aubrey goes through many things teens go through. Areas such as dealing with her parents and struggling with her faith. Many teens go through these struggles and can relate to her thoughts, emotions, and reactions. (I know I certainly do.)
There was a time I was struggling with my faith and asked my parents some of the same questions she has done. But my parents help me see Jesus in a way that I can understand. I'm now grounded in my faith and I know that Aubrey will become like that as well, now that she is finally a Christian.

I knew from the very beginning that Erica was a bad influence on Aubrey. I think that maybe when Erica mentioned her father works for a new company in town, and we knew she meant Novacom, that I first suspected her. Or maybe when Erica first made fun of Aubrey's dad's car that it made me think that she thought she was better than everyone else, thus showing me that she was going to be that kind of influence on Aubrey. I'm not exactly sure when, but I knew for sure that when Erica asked Aubrey to skip school, when she was being very forceful on her, and lying to Connie, that she was not a good influence on Aubrey at all. Then she has her room all spidery and gothic... Like no offence but spiders are disgusting and even if I had a friend who thought they were cool, I still wouldn't like them. Actually I would probably stop hanging with that friend because if his or her like for spiders. Ok let's get off this spidery topic I'm getting disgusted already. Ok so what were we talking about before this?...

So anyways as the episode goes on, we can see just what Erica is doing to Aubrey. She's making her like spiders, wearing gothic clothing and skulls, getting her to skip school to go to a party and shopping, and also influencing Aubrey to lie to authority. It seemed like Erica was turning Aubrey to be exactly like she is: a liar, a faker (getting a little ahead... We see this in 2 episodes from now), and a thief (we also see this in a coming episode). Erica is like the worst influence that could have possibly crossed Aubrey's path since we know she was in a wandering state about her faith.

I think Erica really took the cake in being the worst friend ever for Aubrey, when she lied right to the police officer's face and told him that Aubrey insisted on driving and wouldn't stop at the red light when they told her to. Like Aubrey should have seen this coming. Erica was only hanging out with Aubrey to be a nice friend until she could get what she wanted out of their relationship and then boom: she's gone. But I mean, I can't really blame Aubrey since many preteens and teens go through these same struggles of finding the right friends and fitting in.

This episode was included int he Novacom saga simply to show us who took Arthur Dent's place in Novacom and to show us that Mr. Colburn might play a big part in the upcoming episodes.

I really liked this episode and I give it a thumbs up 👍. Great start to a new album!

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