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Plan B (Part 4): Resistance (episode 487)

Plan B (Part 4): Resistance

Okay this is probably one of my longest if not the longest of all my reviews so far. I'm just preparing you.

I first want to say that I loved this episode. I think it concluded the album nicely and to my disappointment/I'm happy that they didn't end it on this episode.

I totally just contradicted myself.

Ok here's what I mean, I wanted them to end it...but then I also didn't want them to because I think it needs a bit more.
About halfway through the episode I knew they couldn't end the saga on this one because Eugene still has the disc, we haven't even discovered Andromeda's master plan, we know nothing about this "board meeting" that went on and Operation Think Tank, and we still don't know what Andromeda was doing that was "illegal". (It's weird but I think that much of what I said in that sentence probably relates- like the think tank thing might be their "master plan") We still have like a whole album to go. Ok, at least half an album to go: but I think they are going to make it end with an entire album.

So... Somethings that happened in this episode...

I wonder why Mr. Charles came to the funeral. He obviously used Mitch like a pawn, so why would he care so much about him as to come to his funeral. He probably wanted some information. Either he was looking to see if he could hear Whit say something or he was just scouting.

One little hiccup in this episode that wasn't especially needed was Connie's little dishrag poem. It was the starter of this episode, but not the best way they could have began in my opinion. It was sweet of her to write that poem, but not really needed. The plot didn't even reference back to her poem. I'm normally not very judgemental of the episodes content, (I'm only judgemental about Mary Hopkins) but this is my only criticism... as far as this episode is concerned...

On the positive side, I really loved the fact that Wooton just spent the day with Connie. Connie really needed someone like Wooton to hang with her and distract her from her self blame. I loved Wooton's comment about the socks.

Wooton: "I think that a conversation about socks can say I love you just as much as saying I love you."

I love that so much and I don't know why.

I loved all the simple Wooton kind of response to Connie's questions. It just made Connie realize that blaming herself and being upset wasn't really worth it. I'm glad Wooton played laser tag and ate funnel cakes with her. If I was feeling down, I would want my friend to do that for me instead of just sit there and crying with me.
I think that by bringing Wooton in this episode to hang with Connie was really great. There are some episodes that feature Wooton and he isn't really needed. This one used Wooton in a way that I loved and a side that we haven't really seen of him yet. We normally see him all laughing, joking, and having fun, but he can also be serious and give good advice (of course only in a "Wooton kind of way"). So good choice of characterization in this episode, AIO!

I knew that the FBI was somehow "spying" on Whit. They don't know much about the whole situation and they realized that Whit has connections and ways of getting info. For example, Whit gets a meeting with Arem, something the FBI probably weren't able to do. Yes Whit knew Mitch, but Whit is still able to piece things together and find out info when he needs to. I wasn't surprised the FBI bugged him.
It was interesting that the FBI discovered Whit is holding Andromeda back from their plans. They want something from Whit and they can't seem to get it. I have no idea what they want. Either they want information, or they want something physically. We will have to find out.

I loved Whit, Jack, and Johanne's little performance for Charles and Monika, it was pretty funny. And I agree with Charles, "I didn't know Mr. Whittaker was such a comedian."

Something about Monika that came up was that she told Charles she could find Eugene. But how could she find him if no one else could? Maybe she put a tracking device in one of his travel bags and she will follow it to his destination. But the only faulty thing with that is: Eugene may not have the info. I think he mailed it to someone. Because he was out at the post office late at night putting a package in there. The only question is: who did he mail it to? The only people who come to mind are Whit (which is a bit odd because he could have just given it to Whit in person), the FBI (maybe), and possibly Pastor Brandon Teller (since he is well trusted and Andromeda wouldn't know him). I'm not sure who else he would have sent it to unless he mailed it to himself...

So about the disc that Whit and Jack got from the post office.
Whit found an address in the package. When he went to visit it, it was Mr. Dent's house. Dent was on the ground when Whit arrived. When they took him to the hospital he seemed to have suffered from a stroke. Like I, and probably every other AIO fan, they gave mr dent the same thing they injected into Armatage Shanks. I think it was because he gave Jack that package. But it's weird that he wants to escape from the hospital. Dent will die from that tumour just like Mr. Shanks.

Another thing that was in the package was the disc. On the disc was something I mentioned earlier: the Andromeda board meeting and "Operation Think Tank". Whit found one plane text file on Arthur Dent's disc and it was the minutes to a board meeting. The document accounted a vote that took place about "Operation Think Tank". It was a 12-1 count. (The one vote probably came from Armatage Shanks). I wonder what "Operation Think Tank" is. I can't remember if it was mentioned before but it's a relatively new bump in the road. Maybe "Operation Think Tank" is Andromeda's illegal "final plan".
But I guess we will have to find out on the next album! And that's all for this long review.
I give this episode a big thumbs up 👍.

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