Friday, January 2, 2015

2 news bits...

Follow Me

Two news blasts,
New Odyssey episode "Follow Me".
Journey to Galilee as Whit imagines what might have happened had Jesus' disciples known each other as boys.There's even a hidden Easter egg! 
A very good episode, that leaves room for a sequel at any time. Can you figure out what famous picture this is modeled after?

#2 I'm forcing myself to listen to another addition of the Whit's End Podcast to here the info about album 59. I'll get back to you on that.
-Trenton Landmark


  1. I know, it is sometimes tough listening to the Whit's End Podcast. But with Ryan Matlock there, it isn't as bad.

  2. Apparently, the title image portrays da Vinci's "The Last Supper", an artwork depicting da Vinci's preference of Jesus's final convening with his disciples.

    Mr. Landmark, did you know the voices of Matthew Parker (Callison, not Sizemore) and Jared DeWhite were employed to burlesque two of the youthful disciples? You probably did, but it is difficult to postulate their older voices in this current episode. I never recognized them!

    1. I found it blatantly obvious- Branden Gilberstadt (Jared) was John, and Zach Callison (formerly Matthew) was Levi.

  3. It was on the OAC video with January's episode.

  4. I'm not understanding what your problem is with TWEP.


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