Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Opportunity Knocks (episode 457)

Is it just me or did this episode seem like it was only 10 minutes long? I think it was a bit short. This show needed to be longer. They could have went into more detail.
But anyways... Moving on...
This episode isn't bad. Besides the fact it was short, we can see that this episode is the start of a new story arc about to take place. The last major story arc was the Dr. Blackgaard one.  In my opinion, not much has been going on in Odyssey since then. I guess after the introduction of new characters, they had to find their place before they could bring in a totally new arc. But I'm glad they are starting up something new. The episodes in the past few albums have been good for the fact that they still give us the lessons and truths AIO always has, but they have been a bit dry in action and the "on the edge of your seat" tension is definitely lacking.

The episode starts with Connie airing her show with Tom as her guest. On her show, she finds out the Timothy Centre is in financial trouble. Upon this discovery, Connie begin to put together a way to raise some money. Right as this is going on, A man named Arthur Dent proposes to buy some of Tom's land which couldn't have couldn't have come at a better time. Tom sells him, and his company "Novacom", the land and the Timothy centre is now good financially.

This episode was interesting, and I think a satisfactory "starter" of a new saga.
As for the content of this episode, I think Tom Riley's decision to sell the land was a bit rushed and I think he should have thought about it a bit more. Sometimes the timing looks perfect, like Connie said, but I think Tom should have sought out God's will before making this decision. And as said by Whit, only time will tell us if the decision Tom made was a good one. The episode was short anyways, it could have used the "juice" of Tom's thought process instead of just selling the land right when the offer came.

A new character named Arthur Dent is introduced. He is introduced as the manager guy of the new company "Novacom". He seems like a very open-minded and pleasant man.
I am a bit suspicious of him, like Whit was, when he was talking to Whit about Tom's land, but already knew Tom's name. If Arthur wanted to speak to the owner of that land, he could have found out about Tom and went to speak to him without consulting Whit. It didn't make sense to me why he asked Whit about Tom if he already knew about him.
I can sense this company is going to cause some havoc in the town of Odyssey. Maybe not as much as Dr. Blackgaard did, but we'll see.
The acting in this episode was well done and the effects and music were as convincing as always.
I give Opportunity Knocks a Thumbs Up! 👍

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