Sunday, October 12, 2014

News Roundup

Hey, I thought I would first off, direct you to a new podcast called "The K-Klutz Show", done by Micah LeClercq of the AIO Alcove. It's pretty well done, and is funny. Two episodes have been released, and you can see them here.
Clubhouse Magazine - November 2014
Buck, Katrina, and Eugene
Also, has released a new official podcast interviewing Robby Bruce, the voice of Buck Oliver, viewed here.

The AIO Update has released a series of fan fiction stories, called "Place of Wonder"  by David Hilder.
In a side note, David Hilder is renowned for his work on the AIO Update, single-handedly running a frequently updated site. Not even ''The Great Trenton Landmark" (Just kidding) does that.
(I have help from  for this site). 
Last of all, I am starting a blog titled "Growin' Up Trent" that spotlights the happenings of my life in a comical way. Check it out Two intro articles are already out.
Wait, almost forgot, David Hilder also confirmed the titles of two more OAC episodes- wait for it- The Cure, Parts 1 & 2.  
-Trenton Landmark, Senior Editor of the AIOFansite <><
(Still working on a good sign off, but I like that one).

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