Friday, October 10, 2014

Jonathan Park

Hey I thought I should do a report on an audio drama named, Jonathan Park. A regular on Audio
Theater Central, Jonathan Park covers the creation message. Through biological, geological, and archaeological evidence, JP explores the world of God's design. Nine (soon to be ten) albums of this thrilling story line have hit the stores, and the adventure continues. Though the characters rarely age, the plot maintains a strong essence. Jonathan Park started out as a branch-out ministry from the doomed Vision Forum, and when Vision Forum closed, it was bought by Creation Works. The main character, Jonathan Park, is a fourteen-year-old, who's father is a paleontologist. They meet a family called, the Brennans, who are ranchers from Abiquiu, New Mexico, and together the build a creation museum. And the adventure continues! Click here to explore!]

-Trenton Landmark, Admin, AIOFansite

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