Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Adventures in Odyssey Wars!

Introducing, the all-new Odyssey Wars Essay/Art Contest, or, for short OWEAC! The prize? Unknown! (Well, at least to the public!)

So here are the rules:

  • All entries must be recieved by January 1st 2015
  • Create art or a story to enter in the contest. 
  • Winning entries will be posted on this site!
  • You should include the following characters:
  1. Obi Whit Kenobi (Whit/Obi Wan)
  2. Jason Skywalker (Jason Whittaker/Anakin)
  3. Yollen (Jack Allen/Yoda)
  4. Dark Blackgaard (Regis Blackgaard/Darth Sidious)
  5. Connie Amadala (Connie/Padme)
  6. Tom Windu (Tom Riley/Mace Windu)
  7. Harlow Binks (Harlow Doyle/Jar Jar)
  8. UGENE3U (Eugene Meltsner/C3PO)
  9. RWOOTDWOOT (Wooton/R2)
  10. Jay Solo (Jay Smous/Han Solo)
  11. Dark Jader (Jason Whittaker/Darth Vader)
  • You don't have to follow the Star Wars, or AIO story line.
  • Submit your entrie here

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