Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Albums 50-51! Part 1

Album 51 got everyone excited: Kidsboro characters would be in it, it will be the first numbered album in a few years, etc. But to many it was disappointing. They thought that many of the characters from the last ten albums would be in it, but they weren't. Many fans didn't like the Jones and the Parkers. They wondered why Mandy, Trent, Marvin, Kelly, Liz, Grady, and all the others were. I'm going to try (In a way only a true Odyssey fan could) to explain what happened. The Straussbergs are the easiest. A few albums earlier Stephen Straussberg was offered a job in Chicago, but he eventually turned it down. Maybe they approached him again, and this time he excepted. The Washington kids (Marvin and Tamika)   may have just moved up to high school. Kelly (the Washington's foster child) may have gone back into the care of her mother. Trent DeWhite most likely advanced on to high school as well. Grady McKay may have moved. Liz Horton moved up to high school. Other kids weren't in many episodes anyway, so it isn't strange that they haven't appeared. Tom Riley's last appearance included him falling off a roof, and though he called out that he was OK, he hasn't appeared since. Maybe he retired, and joined his wife at Hillandale Haven (a retirement home for the disabled). Bernard Walton could also have retired, but I'm having the hardest time coming up with an explanation for why he isn't around than anyone else.

       As always, thank you for reading and I wish you all the best,
Yours Truly, Trenton Landmark <><

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