Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Importance of Prayer... and my thoughts...

Hi everybody! How are you doing? You can comment that, if you wish. Today I'm going to do my best to summarize (did I spell that right?) the importance of prayer (hence the title).
The number one thing, I think, is sincerity. If your not being sincere, I would say your pretty close to taking the LORD's name in vain. I would also say to treat God with respect in your prayers.
Some people say, "Talk to Jesus like you would talk to your best friend". No. Uh-uh. Not at all! Jesus is not your peer! He's your Lord, your Savior, the only thing that kept you and I from eternity in a bad place. Don't say, "Hey Jesus, what's up. I want a Lego set for my birthday. It's called The Wookie Gunship. It's a Star Wars set. Set number 75084. Got all that? K. Talk to ya later."
Never ever do that. Prayer is a wonderful gift from God, and we all should use it more. I also think that praying long prayers for the sake of praying a long prayer is stupid. It's not a contest, it's thanking your creator and talking to him. I don't have long conversations with my dad for the sake of having a long conversation. Talking to God is a great privilege, something that only us predestined believers can do. Those are my thoughts. Comment what you thought of my thoughts. Over. 

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