Friday, May 8, 2015

Lying Lips

After debating in my head for three and a half minutes what to write about (the other two were about missions, and what we can learn from secular movies), I finally decided to go with Lying Lips. 
Lying Lips are one of Satan's primary ways to attack. Gossip, and rumors that aren't true can spread anywhere. But my question is, what is lying? If you're doing something you're not supposed to, and your mom asks, "What are you doing?'', what do you say? "Nothing", or "I don't know", or maybe you tell a strait out lie. (I wouldn't expect any of  you to be guilty of doing this, so don't worry). I confess I'm guilty of the first two often. Are those lies? Well, you are doing something, and you do  know what you are doing. So, in my opinion, yes that is a lie. What if you're lying to protect your friend?  Is that bad? Unless he is in real danger, you never lie to keep your friends from getting punished for something they deserve. It will help them more than if they got away with it. 
Now here's the real gem of the article...  that will stir a debate: Predestination. 
What is predestination? Predestination is God choosing who would be saved before the foundation of the world. There are analogies like, "my father is predestined, and my mother is not, therefore my mother cannot be saved". This is my way to defuse those kinds of analogies. When you become saved from sin, God puts a will for Him in your heart. You do not get this will unless He gives it to you. Since God is sovereign, it is he who decides everything that will ever happen on earth. He decided who he would mercifully save from destruction before the world began. He always knows what will happen, because he decides it. I hope that helps anyone who doesn't really understand predestination. Thanks for reading!
-Trenton Landmark 

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