Friday, May 22, 2015


    Hey everyone! This is Rudy Mason.  This is my first post of hopefully many to come.  Well if I am going to be writing on this site I think I should tell you guys a little about my self.  I am 14 years old and my birthday is on May 15th.  I love sports especially basketball.  I love God and I constantly try to glorify him in everything I do but I don't always succeed.  I act in the Adventures of Titus Billings as Undercode and Keeve and know nothing about Adventures in Odyssey(So do not expect any posts about AIO from me).  I am really excited about where this site is going.  

    Ok, so enough about me here some things about this site.  First of all I would like to clarify the goal of this site.  It is not just about you guys learning(Especially because you would be learning from two 14 year olds).  We hope that you guys will ask questions and that we can discuss them so that we can all learn more about God an his word.  Second we(Being Trent and me) dont know everything(Again we are only 14) so please correct us if it is necessary.  Hopefully through the discussions all that we talk about can be interpreted correctly.  Thirdly me and Trent would like to make a promise to you all.  We promise that we will do our best to base all that we post/talk about on the Bible and only on the Bible.  So yeah if you have any questions please comment.

Rudy Mason

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