Monday, April 13, 2015

Woohoo!!!! 1 year!

Yerps, that's right. The AIOFansite is officially one year old, TODAY!!!! We've had 12,329 page-views, 275 posts (make that 276), and 234 comments! I thought we'd bring back post number 1, and see what I posted exactly one year ago TODAY!!!! 


I am a huge Adventures in Odyssey fan, and I am excited to announce the all-new Odyssey ultimate news site. I am a member of the Odyssey Adventure Club, so I have the ability of posting exclusive pics of new episodes!

Cover of Drake the Cosmic Copper
Cindy- Wooton's Connie- type character in his new comic

This is just a sample of what we'll have on this webpage, so stay posted!

- Trenton Landmark<><

Whoa! That was a whole year ago? That's pretty radical. I'll even add a link to the first time I ever started making an Audio Drama:
Isn't that interesting. Titus Billings is almost a year old, too!
-Trenton Landmark


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