Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Pilots Of Oaklen: What's the Plan?

Bailef Barnes sat in the Culidiran Aerospace waiting room for the rest of his team. Squad 1 was the title that most people called them, because they were the one and only group of survivors to escape Oaklen. The door opened, and 6 other pilots walked into the room. Frunwick Hochig, admiral of the former Oaklenian Space force, Dan Raleigh jokester, and hot shot, Ral Gartons, radio and computer know-it-all, Jake Isutnion, whiz pilot, Gragam Hulshztix the only Culidrian on the team, and Sam Jenkins, a twelve year old know-it-all. "Well", said Hochig, "It's our mission to get Trenton Landmark out of Oaklen, and onto Culidrial. Do any of you have any ideas about how 7 pilots are going to get past 10 war cruisers?"
To be continued...
-Trenton Landmark

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