Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Ties That Bind, Clues and Cues

For the past two days, I have been listening to The Ties That Bind for the second time. Yeah, the second time. I listened to it first when it came out on the OAC, then I listened to other episodes. Sooo... almost a year later, I listened to it again, and came away with some interesting conclusions about the future of AIO. 
In The Ties That Bind, there is a big businessman named Mr. Schwartz funding The Let's Get Together Festival, The Vigilantors, Family Survivor, Maximized Comics and The Odyssey Times. Who is this Mr. Schwartz? It almost seems like the beginning of the Novacom saga. All these connections seem to be- interesting. What if this "Mr. Schwartz" is The Chairman? Would that mean that maybe a return of Andromeda? That would be interesting, especially if they play that series out the way the played, The Ties That Bind. That would be- cool. 
Also, who are all the people on the front of Album 59? There are  so many! Maybe we'll have Taking the Plunge, Parts 1-6. That would really go along with AIO's lack of creativity lately. 
Well, that's all for this post! So long!
-Trenton Landmark


  1. Also, didn't Bill Kendall say he owned the biggest comic publishing company in the US? And that would be Maximized Comics, correct?

    I know Eugene and Buck are behind the dunk tank on the cover of 59...not sure about the rest of it

  2. I am severely skeptic about another recurrence of Novacom; that would just be another regenerative chronicle. Mr. Schwartz will most certainly be acknowledged because of little mentioning of this proprietor, like Mr. Grote. Still, it may be the case because of The Chairman's concluding statement, "It's over... for now." I wish this expedient album would convert Bill Kendall, and I do hope he will not be affiliated in illegal activity. As Will L said, he may be somewhat related to Maximized Comics.

    Besides, if you contemplate it, Mr. Schwartz did not necessarily commit something incredibly wrong, besides stealing, and Dee Grant may have affirmed that, not Schwartz. He's merely impressing immoral conflict in Odyssey, nothing approximating Novacom's malevolence.

    As you said, I concur with another saga constituted of several albums, even if it is not the Novacom revenge. That went out with Blackgaard in my opinion, not necessarily monotonous, yet expected all the same. Perhaps another Odyssey imperialistic campaign! Odyssey needs another electrifying corporation to teach spiritual warfare, yet this time, they might not exert the unlawful actions.


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