Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thank you, Nathan Hoobler!

I emailed Nathan Hoobler yesterday this email: 
Hey, this is Trenton Landmark, of the AIOFansite. I was wondering if you could tell me the titles of album 59's episodes? Thanks!
Today I got this response:

Dear Trenton,
We aren’t revealing those just yet (though we will be soon). However, I can reveal the title of Episode 1: “First Things First.”

So, episode one will be called "First Things First". 
Since it's the first episode in the album, it will be episode number 777. So it will be officially be:

#777: “First Things First”
Well, that's the second album in a row of reporting the at least one of the episode titles first.
-Trenton Landmark

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  1. This episode will most likely cultivate the engagement of Wooton and Penny, as this is the evident leaving off from The Ties That Bind. The title relinquishes that.


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