Thursday, March 19, 2015

Potential Actors for Titus Billings: Back on the Battlefield.

A few potential actors include: Will L., J.D. Sutter, Micah LeClercq, and Christopher 164.
This is a really great turnout, and Micah LeClercq and Will L. already have parts!
J.D. Sutter and Christopher 164, will also be given role soon, but I haven't  gotten to their Characters in the script yet. 
On thing I really hope will happen, is have a female audition. Then Titus Billings wouldn't be an all male world anymore. The first female to send in their application will get a fairly major role, and if more girls apply, they will also be given major or minor roles.

-Trenton Landmark

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  1. I can do it. I would love to be the girl character. And sorry again to all those who read this page and Trenton Landmark that I have not posted a review recently. I'll try my best to post the rest of the Novacom saga by the end of next week (since I'm almost finished with it)


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