Sunday, March 22, 2015

Exceptional Circumstances (episode 496)

Wow that was a big surprise. Duncan Mathias's sister is Monika Stone! It's interesting that Monika's reason for helping Andromeda is for her brother. She knows the technology isn't working, so why she is still trying to help Andromeda is a mystery. 
One thing that did shock me about Monika was that she let her mask slide a bit when she was talking to Jason about her brother. It seems like her brother is close to her heart. I think this episode showed us that even though Monika is trying to find the answer for her brother in the wrong places, at least she cares enough to try and get an answer. She isn't as cold hearted as we all thought. 
She can get the true answer she needs if she wants it. All she needs is Jesus and I really hope Jason is the one to show her the way. Jesus can not only heal her brother, but he can help take away the guilt Monika feels about her brothers' injury. Also, maybe by accepting Jesus, it will help Monika see what she is trying to shield herself from, that Andromeda is a liar and is not really trying to help her brother. Andromeda is just trying to do only what's best for them. I hope Monika changes sides in future episodes and instead helps Jason and the rest of the group stop Andromeda.

Now about Monika's brother Duncan, because of his information, we now know everything that went on, in full detail, during the research. Like the fact that Duncan Mathias was the guinea pig and all the research Eugene was involved in actually worked. My only question is, now that Whit and the gang know everything and Eugene's research is in the hands of Andromeda, why hasn't Eugene come back? He's not in any particular danger. Maybe he will come back sometime during the final few episodes of the saga. We will just have to wait and see. (I really hope he does come back and this wasn't AIO's attempt to "kill him off").

In this episode, We also found out what is particularly bad about the Novabox. Whit was talking on the radio and warning all Novabox owners about it, but he didn't have a first hand witness or an extract argument to go by. Now that we have heard from Duncan, we know that the Novabox is really dangerous. The Novabox effects reverse themselves.
I know it's gonna happen to Agnes Riley. She is already starting to experience the reversal. She is forgetting that Jimmy passed away and in a coming episode, she forgets to turn the stove off and burns her hand. 
It's sad that Tom is not listening to Whit. Like Monika, because it is helping his wife like the technology (sort of) helped Duncan, he is blinding himself from the truth. Andromeda is always up to no good so why should this be any different? Andromeda knows that the technology isn't fully tested and from what we have seen, they haven't take a step to try and fix it. Andromeda doesn't care if innocent people are hurt.

Also, in this episode, Mitch was trying to decode the things written on Andromeda's database. I think Andromeda had it all planned for the people to be buying fizzy cola, greezly chips and birdhouses. It's a part of the Novabox test run, to see how well their technology actually can affect people. They are using the people of Odyssey as lab rats! 
I'm still wondering what "Clairmont", "Triumphant" and "Launch Date" are. "Triumphant" is probably a passcode And I think that "Clairmont" is either a passcode like "Triumphant" is, or it is a part of their tests like the soda, chips, and bird houses are. As for the "Launch Date", it might be a date where Andromeda start selling their technology to the rest of the world. I think areas like Odyssey are the test market for the Novaboxes. So on a certain date, these boxes will begin to sell to the rest of the world. That's just a guess. 

I really like how this story arc is turning out. It is by far better than the Dr. Blackgaard Chronicles. (Of Course that's just my own opinion). I think AIO has stepped it up a bit in their writing and ideas. The episodes just keep getting better and better as the seasons go by! There's only 3 episodes left in the saga and I know they will be big! 
This was a shorter review, but I think I covered all the important points I wanted to mention within its small length. 
I really liked this episode so I'm giving it a thumbs up 👍. 

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