Monday, February 23, 2015

The Unraveling (episode 495)

OH MY GOODNESS! MITCH IS ALIVE?! I'm so happy!! I knew throughout the entire episode that something about Rachel wasn't right.  She was acting really odd and I had a feeling that she wasn't telling Connie something. She was so calm about Mitch's death. Connie even wondered how she could act like that but she just assumed that she had accepted his death. I, on the other hand, was not convinced at all! I knew she was hiding something! 
But I do want to say that I am really happy that AIO decided to keep Mitch alive. He's like Connie's first official love. Yes there was Jeff Lewis in the episode "First Love", but that was a very fake "teenager" love. Her and Mitch's relationship was real love. (I cannot believe how much of a hopeless romantic I am...)
I'm also really happy that he was a good guy after all. Before this, I thought that maybe he was a fake christian, but it turns out that he only worked for Novacom to try and find out information, not to be on their side. So he is a real good guy, thumbs up Mitch ๐Ÿ‘. (That's was just a foreshadow about my overall opinion of this episode...)

Another thing that I wanted to mention was that we got to see in this episode is that, Andromeda seemed to have really thought out Operation Think Tank. They have to have been planning this for years and years and must have had it all out on paper way before they even started Eugene's research and all the other things that would make their plan work. For Justine to have found the memo not at Andromeda, but Galaxy Enterprises must mean that all Andromeda's smaller "sister" companies, as they call them, are all involved and were created just for this purpose: to eventually control the world. 
And speaking of Justine, it's unfortunate that she died. I'm sure that if she was alive and a character that appeared in future episodes, that she would have eventually become some kind of agent (kind of like Jason or Tasha). Throughout the episode for some strange reason she reminded me of Tasha. 
So moving on from Mitch and all those related to him...
So about the very odd buying trends: I'm gonna say that I thought the birdhouse thing was very... um... unOdyssey like. Don't get me wrong, I love this Novacom saga and how it's turning out, but it this whole thing about mind control and all that is too science fictional. I do love science fiction, but AIO is not science fiction and I don't ever want it to become like that. Science fiction is the kind of genre that is interesting but is not relatable. AIO has always been the kind of show that relates to things we go through or possible things that could happen in life. I don't want that to change.

But anyways, back to the buying trends, we now understand that this Novabox is mind controlling everyone. (I guess Cal was right for once in his life). Everyone who had the Novabox kept buying the same three things: fizzy cola, greezly chips, and birdhouses. And when asked about it, many replied almost robotically, that "it was a great deal." 
The part that really was extremely weird but also very revealing was when Rodney was walking around with the novabox helmet on his head. In all honesty, I didn't think Rodney would have a Novabox... Because his parents wouldn't be able to afford it. (But maybe they can afford it because they always cheat people out of their skin in products they buy from the electric palace.)
So anyways: getting back on track, when Rodney said that the helmet made him smarter and the helmet was also telling him to go "repair" everyone in the neighbourhood's birdhouses, I knew that the helmet was mind controlling and making everyone buy these things. 
Another thing about these boxes is that you cannot turn them off. So whether they are on or off they are constantly mind controlling. Even people who don't watch the Novabox but live in the same house can be controlled. Pretty creepy...
But there is still one thing I don't get: why? 
Not, "why are they mind controlling people" because that answer is pretty obvious: they want to take over the world. but I am wondering: "why are they having people buy these 3 things?" Were they paid buy the birdhouse, greezly chip, and fizzy cola company to promote these products or something? Or are these products a kind of "test run". Maybe for Andromeda to see how much they  can really influence people. In any case, what they are doing is so wrong and has to be stopped. 

And like how I always end, we will just have to wait and see what happens next! Despite my criticism regarding it being "science fictional" I really did enjoy this episode. And I give it a thumbs up ๐Ÿ‘.

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