Monday, February 9, 2015

Outside the Box, issue 1

Welcome to my series of non-AIO posts called, Outside the Box. Post topics in here range from food, Legos, Minecraft, sports, and me.
In this first addition, we'll be starting with me.
I'm fourteen, live in San Francisco, and like to play around with Legos.
I have imitated opportunities to play video games, but when I do, I usually play Minecraft or Madden. I am an avid fan of Adventures in Odyssey (duh), and am part of a large family. I've been oversees many times, and have hinted at that in some of my older posts. 
I am a member of all the three major AIO message boards, but I rarely go on any more. 
I also stand with many Odyssey fans (including Solomon Kim) in the hatred of the character, Emily Jones. 
I could say more, but I shouldn't give out to much personal information online! 
-Trenton Landmark


  1. Solomon Kim? I know of almost every important aio fan (Mr. Whit's End, Kevin McCreary, Ryan Matlock, Brendan McFarland, Abby and Mandie...) and I've somehow missed him. Who's that?

    Anyhow, nice to something about your interests, and Emily RULES! Seriously, she is the most underrated character currently on the show.

  2. Why don't you like Emily??


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