Thursday, February 19, 2015

Box of Miracles (episode 494)

Am I right or am I right? I knew something wasn't right with Mary!
I just knew that she was somehow not as "good" as she seemed. 
Yes Andromeda used her and she isn't to blame in all this, but she was still reporting all that was going on about Whit and the others to Andromeda without anyone suspecting anything. Andromeda, knowing that Mary was partnering with Whit, was able to get someone to break the window in Whits End at the right time. This caused Whit to go and check up on the shop. When he left they went and stole the imagination station. Uh! They are so sneaky!
But I think Jason made a comment that was really important. He said: "Isn't that what the enemy does, Try and use our own good against us?"
That is exactly what Novacom was doing. They were using Whit's ministry in Connelseville as a way to get information from him and distract him from where he needs to be. 
I think that by seeking God about every decision made and every step taken is the best way to stop the enemy. 
It was good that Whit stopped and asked God for guidance because Whit and the others all seemed to be taking steps without asking the Lord first. I think that is maybe why Novacom is keeping them stumped at every turn. (But since Whit and Jason's prayer, they are going to begin to find answers because they are now relying on God instead of their own strength and ability)

Next topic: This Novabox cannot be trusted. Even though it's too early to tell what exactly it will do, anything that comes from Novacom/Andromeda is not good news. This box is so new and not even tested that it has the potential to do exactly what the other box did. Or even worse.

The information that Whit got from talking to Mr. Dent is the answer to what we have all been wondering: What is Novacom/Andromeda's master plan? We now know that it is Operation Think Tank. (the plan they discovered on the disc.) 
We also now know what they potentially want to do: they want to enslave the human race through these Novaboxes. They want to control the minds and actions of the people. That's why they needed the research of converting brain waves to radio waves: they will convert the radio waves coming from the box telling the people what to do, to brain waves so that the people will do what the box says.
Even though Whit and the gang know everything about the technology, they still cannot prove it. 

Like I mentioned earlier, this technology is so new that if they are using it in hospitals to help patients, it  is so dangerous. I just know there is going to be a fault in their new technology and because they are using it on so many people, those people are in danger.
I know something is about to go down the drain with Agnes Riley. Maybe the technology will make her start getting snappy and emotional like Mr. Dent was or maybe it will cause her to kill herself... Ok, maybe not something that extreme, but I just know that whatever the side effects are, they cannot be good. I'm just upset that Tom is continuing with the treatment. He should know by now that Novacom is terrible and that the technology will do something to Agnes. Agnes may be doing great right now, but it is like the quiet before the storm. 

This episode ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. We find Mr. Dent is missing from his hotel room. I think he might have been kidnapped. If the window and all is broken, I doubt Mr. Dent would have broken the window because he wanted to get out. I mean, he could have walked out the front door if he wanted to. But the fact that a window was broken, Andromeda may broken in and took him to their headquarters to question him. Or they possibly could have found a way to bug his room and heard him tell Whit everything about their master plan and so they want to do something to him. Maybe they are going to inject him again with whatever they injected him with before. 

There's still a lot we don't know so we just have to wait and see what will happen. The saga is just getting more and more interesting! I give this episode a thumbs up 👍.

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