Thursday, January 15, 2015

The right, the wrong, and Odyssey engagements... Part 1

 Wooton and Penny's engagement is big news... for now.  I mean, to all those optimists who think Penny is DEFINITELY going to say yes, you may be in for a disappointment. And even if she says yes, does that mean anything?
Lets take a look at some Odyssey engagements, and attempted Odyssey engagements:

Margret Fay, Whit
answer: no
Whit didn't accept because Margret didn't share the same values that he did.
Do Penny and Wooton share those same values? Though Wooton does appear to be more mature in his faith, he is sometimes a bit of a, err..., eager beaver.

 Eugene, Katrina
answer: yes
We all know that they married and took in Buck Oliver...
Eugene and Katrina are as mature as Wooton and Penny are immature.

Jason, Tasha
answer: yes
They did get engaged, and that engagement, for all we know, still stands. But Tasha isn't a Christian, so, unless that changes, they will never fulfill the engagement.
Wooton and Penny are both Christians, so this point isn't a problem.

Jack, Joanne
answer: yes
And yes they are married now, and enjoying retirement in foreign lands.
No problems created for Wooton and Penny.

To be continued...     


  1. Hey! Gabe here, like the article, I'm not at my house, so I can't log in, but I love it anyway!

  2. How is Wooton immature? He's a principled person who is kind and moral. He does his job reliably, cares for his friends, evangelized Grady and even became a father-figure to him and is now ready to commit to marrying Penny. How is all the negated by him making silly jokes and pulling mischievous antics? A hyper sense of humor equals immature? But anyhow, good considerations. Admittedly, past aio couples have mixed history.


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