Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Strange Boy In A Strange Land (episode 478)

I really liked this episode. It was intriguing and so far the best episode in this Novacom Saga. I liked Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips because of the romance, but it wasn't mysterious or interesting quite like this one. I'm really happy that they brought Jared back. I actually like Jared's character when he's normal... Ok... When was he ever normal?...
Ok what I mean is, like in this episode, even though Sara and Mandy couldn't tell if what Jared was saying was true, it was at least what he said was more possible than aliens taking over the world.

So this episode starts with Sara and Mandy going camping and they spot someone who kind of looks like Jared. When they do talk to him he won't tell them why he left Odyssey so fast. Jared finally breaks down and tells then everything about why his family left.
He basically tells them that his dad was the accountant for a company called Andromeda. While doing their books he found out they were doing something illegal so he went to the FBI. The FBI got Jared's dad to be their "inside man" but one day Jared's dad found a book with a camera in it in his office. He knew his cover was blown so the FBI put Jared's whole family in the witness protection program and sent them to a house far away in some woods.

So now my barricade of questions: Who is this company Andromeda? If they even do, how do they connect with Novacom? What I'm thinking is: this could also be a subplot like I suspect "Arem" might be as well.
Ok I've changed my theory, I think they all do connect in someway, but vaguely. Like for example, Arem might be like Eugene (that's just a guess) but Arem may not have to do with Novacom but Arem and Novacom connect because of radio wave study which Eugene is in. That is just a guess, but kind of what I'm getting at.
Some other questions: Who put the book in Jared's dad's office? Was it the same guy who told Tony to put a book in Whit's office? Is the guy who took the plans from Barry the same guy who put the book in Jared's dad's office and who told Tony to put it in Whits' office? Does this guy work for Andromeda, Novacom, or neither? Is this guy Arem? Is Barry Arem? Another thing that I've thought of: does Mitch have to do with any of this? I know for sure Mitch wasn't the one to tell Tony to put the book in Whit's office (because Tony said the guy was bald and I don't think Mitch would be bald or for one: Connie  would have mentioned it, 2: Connie probably wouldn't like him if he were bald, and 3: the illustrations show him with hair) and he didn't take the plans from Barry (because the voice sounds different). But why exactly is Mitch even in this Saga? Maybe he is Arem? Remember how he told Connie he likes to play around on his computer and he seemed to know a lot about computers so maybe he is Arem.

At the end of this episode, Jared is having a campfire with Sara and Mandy when all of a sudden a man shows up. He asks "Jim" (Jared as we know him) what he is doing and who are Mandy and Sara but he gives the man vague answers like he doesn't want to tell him anything. When Jared and him leave, Sara tells Mandy that the man wasn't Jared's dad. When they go to Jared's house the next morning, he's gone. Everything was gone. They go to his room and find a loose floorboard with a note. When they decode it, it reads: "moved again, beware Andromeda". When they tell Whit he gets all weird and he makes a call and asks someone to look up Andromeda.

This episode kind of left off at a cliffhanger with not only Jared leaving so fast, but Whit talking to the guy on the phone. It's like telling us that we will get our info about Andromeda soon.
Anyways that's about it. I give this episode a double thumbs up! 👍👍

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