Sunday, January 25, 2015

Secrets (episode 483)

Right now I can say that this episode was amazing! Maybe it's because I'm a romantic and I love Mitch's comment at the end about falling in love with Connie. Or maybe it's because Connie is so dramatic in this episode: dying her hair red (or "raspberry chestnut") and running around trying to figure out some random persons hand in the picture. Or maybe it's because we see the jealous side of Connie and how much she wants to be Mitch's "one", and let no other girl be involved. For all these things (even how I'm a hopeless romantic), I think that this episode is funny, kinda "way out" (as Kathy Weirgena always writes her episodes), and very interesting.
But as with every episode, there were a few things that maybe could have been better. First off, Nick Mulligan is funny in this episode, but I don't think he should be the one to help voice Connie's thoughts. He isn't needed. She could have tried to hide herself when Mitch came in and that would have been enough to show her "second thoughts" about Mitch and their relationship. Another thing that I didn't like was how "bi-polar" Connie was in this episode. One minute she's all like: "hide me from Mitch because I don't want to talk to him. And maybe I'm having second thoughts about my relationship, right now." Then the next minute she's like "oh I trust Mitch, and I don't have second thoughts, what are you talking about". Then after she goes and snoops through his briefcase and she's back to square one. Everything that Mitch said to make her trust him blew straight out the window. She's back to "I don't trust him".
All throughout the episode she's back and forth between "if it's important for him to tell me, then he will. I trust him", to "maybe I'll just snoop around because he isn't telling me anything about him...". Like Connie MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Are u trusting him or not.
Ok I think that's enough bad things.
At least Connie recognized the girl from the picture as the girl who fixed the phone lines. To tell the truth, I actually forgot about that phone line thing. I guess it will all unfold in the coming episodes. I also believe this huge story arch with Novacom, Arem, the hidden cameras, and all Mitch's "secrets" is about to hit its climax. I can't wait to hear the next episodes!
This episode deserves a huge THUMBS UP!👍
(That's my romantic side talking)

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  1. This episode was actually the pinnacle in Connie and Mitch's relationship in my opinion, that their complex banter amalgamated with their concealed affection toward each other.

    Your reviews are impressive, Victoria Kumar, and I like reading your evaluations. The Novacom Saga was a sage move to express, especially since most commentators of these chronicles are men with the action and suspense considered within. As a female, you oblige readers with opinions normally never alluded to. You have, as you say on numerous occasions, a "romantic side", so that is a welcome alternative, if not a male-unapproved one.

    Resolving, keep at it!


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