Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Plan B (Part 3): Crossfire (episode 486)

Yup. Connie took it as I thought...She was a huge mess.
I think that Katie Leigh really did an excellent job, she sounded genuine. Great Acting Katie!! I felt wrapped in the story and in Connie's emotional ups and downs as well.

I don't know why but it doesn't really feel like Mitch is dead. Maybe it's just me but I'm thinking that maybe he is still alive. I think that there a small possibility because or else there would have been a body. He could have escaped or maybe Bourland knows Mitch was trying to help them and he saved him. Maybe Mitch is good after all. Like he taught a Sunday school class and a Bible study. Why would he work for Andromeda or be Arem, a computer hacker, if he was a christian? Unless he was a big fake which is also the other side to this. Maybe he was just good at acting. But if the fact that he is faking being a Christian is true, then wouldn't everything else he did be questionable? Like maybe he was just leading Connie on or just trying to use her. Maybe he wanted Connie to "fall" for him so that he could get her to turn on Whit. Like Tom said, "she is awfully smitten by the boy."

Another thing about this episode that kind of puzzles me is: why Arthur gave Jack the computer disc.  What is on that disc? And what is so important about that disc that it would make Mr. Charles want it so bad? We know that Mr. Charles had placed some kind of bug or camera in Whits End so he can spy on them. But what would he need to find out? Did he ransack Whit's office?

I wonder why Whit and Jack were so calm about giving Monika the package. I wonder if they tricked her. Like maybe they took an empty package and stuffed it with bubble wrap or something. Then they may go later and get the other one.
So about Monika, we have finally met this mysterious lady who Mitch had a picture of and the lady who "fixed" the phone lines. Which brings me to another question. Why was Mitch looking for her in the episode "Secrets"? Are they working to together and she betrayed him maybe? Because she did set up the modem for him so he could do his work as a hacker. I'm starting to really lean to the side of the fence where Mitch was faking the whole christian thing. If he is working with someone like Monika, he can't be good. She does corporate espionage which means she doesn't mind dirtying her hands for a bit for the cash. Another important thing we found out in this episode is: we now know exactly what Mr. Charles does. We know that he works for Andromeda, and he is their security guy- officially. But unofficially- He does all their dirty work. I bet he is the one who has his hands all into the illegal things of Andromeda.

Another thing I forgot to mention, when Jack and Johanne were at the airport, Johanne mentioned that Mr. Dent looked like he had went through shock therapy. He looked out of it and not like himself. I think they injected him with whatever they injected Armatage Shanks with. And so I think Mr. Dent is going to get really sick and deteriorate quickly. Either that or he might be already dead. Andromeda could have "improved" their injection since then. All in all, this story is really building and I can't wait to find out what will come up in the last episode of this album: the conclusion of Plan B- resistance. I doubt the saga will wrap up in this next episode but we will see.
I give this episode a thumbs up. Actually make that 2 thumbs up for Katie Leigh's amazing acting! 👍👍

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