Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Plan B (Part 2): Collision Course (episode 485)

Ok what just happened? Mitch is not only dead, but we find out he was Arem (or RM)? I had Mitch on my suspect list, but Eugene was ahead of him... I actually thought Arem was Eugene.
I guess my first clue, from this episode, that Arem was Mitch was when Whit wanted to meet him in person and he gave him a location. I knew Eugene wasn't in Odyssey, so it might be Mitch. And then after when Mitch told Connie to come on Whit's computer to talk to someone, I put 2 and 2 together and realized then that Mitch was Arem.
But it all seems weird to me. First, Mitch is dead and maybe by a group of people murdering him. And second that he was some computer hacker. I thought Mitch was a christian, why would he be hacking computers? I guess my theory about him faking his Christianity, which I mentioned in my review of green eyes and yellow tulips, was right. He was a big fake. And now he's dead and i don't think he went to heaven...
I also can't imagine what Connie is going to have to go through not only in the next few weeks, but the rest of her life. She's going to be filled with regret because she ignored him practically until the day he died, and now she won't be able to make up for that lost time.
But I'm now wondering what Mitch sent Connie just a minute before he passed away. It must have been something extremely important. And now she's sitting there reading it, probably daydreaming about hanging out with Mitch tomorrow... Oh she's gonna freak when she finds out...

Anyways this topic is a bit depressing. I want to talk about what Mrs. Shanks told Jack and Johanne.   She told them that her husband Armitage Shanks is on the board of Andromeda. Armitage didn't tell her much about Andromeda or any of his work but she knows that Andromeda has a lot of secrets.
She also told them what we had wondered about in the last episode: how did Mr. Shanks have to do with Eugene getting the job at the  college? Mrs. Shanks said that Andromeda supplied the money for Eugene's grant at the college and the funding for the research. Ms. Shanks also told them that she didn't know what the research was about, except that they shouldn't be toying around with the things they were. She knew this because her husband was very uneasy about this project. Armitage told her that this research will change the world. When Eugene and Katrina ran with the research, she said that they aren't safe. She also knows that Andromeda will do anything to get that research back.
We do find out what the research is though and it actually wasn't what I thought. They are using the research to help the handicap. If those who are handicapped wanted to operate switches, remotes, or anything, if brain waves could be turned into radio waves, then they could operate these things simply by thinking about it. They actually had a breakthrough and then all of a sudden, Eugene took off with the research.
It does sound very valuable. If this could actually be done, it would be a huge advancement in society. And if Mrs. Shanks thinks Andromeda is bad, they could want this research for something important... Maybe they will use it to their befit. I'm not sure how yet, but I know we will find out soon.

Another part that was a bit curious to me was why Arthur Dent visited Jack and Johanne's hotel. He told them he might have some information to help them find Eugene and Katrina. And he also told them that Armitage Shanks's death wasn't natural. But it cannot be proven. He also told jack and Johanne that Eugene is right in the middle of it and he cannot get out, by leaving it will only delay what will happen. He also told Jack to meet him in an alley. And he will give him the information.
Once Mr. Dent gave Jack the info, he told him to give it to Mr. Whitaker. I wonder what this package is. It didn't tell us anything about it so we just have to wonder what it is. Maybe Mr. Dent somehow got Eugene's research. Or maybe it's some of Novacom/Andromeda's plans. Maybe he stole them/photocopied them so he could let Whit read them.
Right after Mr. Dent gave Jack the plans, Mr. Charles grabbed Mr. Dent and kidnapped him.
Mr Charles then wanted to experiment something on Mr. Dent. Maybe they used this same "experiment" to make Mr. Shanks "cooperate". Maybe he's going to die. Either that or it's a memory eraser. Maybe he wanted to make sure that Mr. Dent doesn't know anything about their plans or he'll tell Whit and the others.

Anyways that about sums it up. All in All I loved this episode and give it 2 thumbs up 👍👍

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