Friday, January 2, 2015

Nova Rising (episode 460)

This episode was very serious and not one of favourite episodes in this season. But I think that it was made to show us that this company Novacom is starting to become like Whit predicted. As we saw, Alex, Cal, and Bernard thought Novacom was a great company. But they soon realized they aren't as they seem. For Bernard, they kept changing his original purpose for "BTV" to some non biblical show. For Alex and Cal, they noticed that Novacom's shows weren't all positive and they also seem to be hiding something.
And now that we are on that: Cal and Alex made a good point that may come up on future episodes.
the radio wave study.
They talked about it in "Red Herring", when they saw Eugene, but we haven't found out about it in much detail. In this episode, Cal and Alex were wondering why the study was so private. And that maybe it, or something that had to do with it, was illegal.
They also talked about Eugene. We haven't heard from Eugene for a while  and he seems to be involved in this radio wave study. I wonder if Eugene is doing something illegal. I agree with Cal and Alex that he probably wouldn't do something like that, but I still have to wonder what's happening with him.
Again I'm going to bring up Arem because I think we have to wonder who he is. I'm starting to have my doubts that he is Arthur Dent or really anyone who has to do with Novacom because he gave Alex and Cal a password no one in Novacom would give out freely, since it hides top secret things. I'm thinking that maybe the person hasn't been introduced, but will come up either a lot or very scarcely. That will clue us to who it is. Or Arem could be Eugene. I think that's the most possible since Eugene is so good with computers and this hacker is too, that it could be him. But then why would Eugene do something bad... Also Arem had to do with the phone lady, and I don't know what women Eugene would talk to, other than Katrina, that would do that for him. Also a woman Connie wouldn't know because Connie didn't know the phone lady.
This story arc is starting to lay out. I know that it's just getting good! This episode is fine but not exceptional. I give it an ok👌

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