Monday, January 12, 2015

Grand Opening part 1 and 2 (episode 481-482)

Ok that man who was talking to Mitch and telling him he knows everything about him is the same guy who talked to the Barry guy and took the plans from him. I re-listened to "Breaking Point" and the voice is the same. And we also now have a name: Mr. Charles. It's very creepy how Mr. Charles knows all this stuff about Mitch. It's like he's following him. He also knows all about Connie and everything. I wonder if Mr. Charles is from Andromeda because Mr. Dent would always report all things to him. So if Andromeda owns Novacom, then Mr. Dent would report it to Mr. Charles. And speaking of Andromeda, we did find out that they are like the mother company of Novacom. They are the large company in Chicago. But we are still a bit in the dark about them. We don't know exactly what they are doing that's illegal.

We also now understand a bit more about this radio wave study. It's about converting brain waves to radio waves. (See how off my guess was in my review of "Breaking Point"... I'm bad in physics...). This conversion sounds really creepy like they are going to mess up people's brains. Maybe people will be able to watch tv in their minds or something. But Eugene sound alike he's in something pretty deep, like Whit says in the end: "Eugene, what have you got yourself into?"

I'm still wondering who Arem is and I have narrowed it down to three people, Eugene, Mr. Charles, and Mitch. It could be Eugene because he's good with computers and he's not around and he's doing some secret study about radio and brain waves. Also it could be Eugene because like Cal said, (I think it was Cal) the last 2 letters of "Arem" are "E" and "M" which are Eugene's initials.
Arem could be Mr. Charles because he's really creepy and it seems like the kind of thing he would do. But it may not be him because he works for Novacom/Andromeda (ok not sure which one) and he wouldn't be giving them passwords for Novacom's website.
And it might be Mitch because when Sara and Cal were on their school computer, it took Arem a while to show up. So Arem could be Mitch because he was out with Connie at first and he didn't get to his computer until later in the afternoon so he could have talked to them then. Also Connie saw that thing on his computer, and he was the one who picked up all the cameras from Novacom so he may have known how to find the cameras in the new Whits End.

And since I've mentioned the cameras, I wasn't happy that Mary put the cameras in at the new Whits End without making sure that Whit was perfectly ok with it. She has got to remember that the kids in Oswald Heights have short trust and if they find out they are being watched they won't be happy.
That's another reason for me not to like Mary... Oh my goodness don't get me started on my whole spiel of not liking Mary...
So I'm just gonna move on...

I loved how sweet Mitch was in the episode. He shares this one beautiful view with only Connie... And then he tells her that the view is almost as beautiful as her... O my gosh If I was Connie I would have fainted...
But because he's so romantic and because he's so hard not to like, if he's really a bad guy then it's going to be hard for Connie to let him go... And even me to let him go... Please give me a moment to cry... Booo hooo!!
Ok I'm good now.

And I think I have nothing more to say... So that all. I liked this episode better than Strange Boy In A Strange Land. It's so far the best in this series! Give it 2 thumbs up! 👍👍

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