Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Top 5 greatest things from AIO this year!

The title says it all. Lets begin.
With much deliberation, I have decided on the creation of the AIOFansite. With exactly 6730 
page-views when this post was written, it rocketed from a low 20 page-views in April, to a personal best 1477 so far this December. Plus awesome months like August and November produced a combined  2491. Many thanks to sites like the AIO Update, and AIO Wiki for their help.
The OAC.
This would go higher, if it weren't for all the complaints about this magnificent site. It's helped AIO to stay afloat. Definitely deserved top five recognition, if not top 3.
Buck Oliver = Buck Meltsner
  Highlight of album 58. Great story line.
Album 58 
This amazing album definitely deserved a placing. Overall amazing album, with many interconnecting story lines. The Perilous Pen. Vance King & Jules Kendall. Buck Oliver & Wooton's House.
Wooton and Penny.
What a way to end an album. What a climax, what a cliffhanger. Sets up album 59 perfectly.

Abrupt endings, my thing.

-Trenton Landmark <><


  1. Happy new year, along with The AIO Alcove's anniversary August 25! Many felicitations to the AIOFansite.

  2. Good post, I agree with you for the most part.
    I should mention that Buck is technically still Buck Oliver, although he's now living with the Meltsners.


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