Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Adventures of Titus Billings, Album 1 finished!

Yes! I finished the album! It's all written down on my tablet (a kindle fire, to be precise)! Here's a snip-pit of it:  
Ryan: Shhhhh!
Keeve: I am being as quiet as possible.
Titus: There's an air ship.
Keeve: Wait! Stop! Guards.
Ryan: Lets sneak over their.
Titus: Good catch, now there seems to be uh, 1,2,3 of them.
Keeve: That's one for each of us!
Titus: Ready your pistols!
Keeve: What are they?
Titus: More of Morendel's monsters, I'm guessing.
Ryan: Ready...
Keeve: Aim...
Titus: Fire!

Titus: We got em!

Ryan: Lets go! More will come!

Keeve: Into the ship!


Titus: We're in, let's go!

Ryan: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Keeve: Oh yeah. Titus ready to take this thing into hyper drive?
Titus: Roger!

Keeve: Blast off!

                                       How about that? Here's more of the drama (in audio form):
Trenton Landmark- Editor of the AIOFansite

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