Wednesday, December 17, 2014

OAC Tutorial, Part 2

Hey were back from our break to bring you the OAC Tutorial, Part 2!!!!
Ok, now that were in the OAC see, the first thing we see is this:
The top of the home page has, Recently Viewed Episodes, and the menu bar. Clicking "Odyssey Library" on the menu bar gives you this:
W'ell talk about all three of these in a jiffy, but first I'll show you the Adventures bar:
Clicking on an adventure brings you to a different page like the one here:
This is an adventure with it's own charity, episode, and comment page.
Next we have "Albums" to look at!
Here is the albums page:

That's just part of it, but it has every album of AIO, plus the Lost Episodes, Passages, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre specials, and more. 

Next we have "Podcasts". I'm not gonna show a pic for it because its just all of the Official AIO Podcasts. 
After Podcasts, we'll do "Today's Devotion".
For every day a new devotion comes out, sampled here:


Checkmate: Episode 331

Theme: Trusting God

What happens in movies and books when a character says, “This can’t possibly get any worse”? More often than not, it gets worse. Rain starts pouring down. The bad guy we thought was gone returns with a vengeance. Or maybe a large object falls out of the sky and flattens someone. Some days, it seems like problems never stop. Our friends in Odyssey know how that feels in today’s episode, “Checkmate.”
In the game of chess, “checkmate” is a situation where a player’s king is cornered with no way to escape. Sound familiar? Jason’s plan to use the Israelites has failed. Lucy is in danger. And Blackgaard has shut down Whit’s End. It looks like the villain has everyone in a corner with no way to escape.
How did you feel when you heard that Whit’s End was closed? It’s a pretty scary thought, isn’t it? We think of Whit’s End as a safe place where kids can get advice and learn about God. The idea of Blackgaard taking it over is awful. Things can’t possibly get any worse . . . right?
Read the rest when you have an account. Last of all, we have the crown jewel: "BONUS"!!!!!
Under Bonus you'll find stuff like, puzzles, and books before they are released:
So that wraps up my tutorial so far, email me at if you have any questions!
Over and Out!
Trenton Landmark
Oh almost forgot! We've added a little treat, located here.
"No, I'm really gone this time"- Jay Smouse

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  1. Yes, I pondered whether to query this, but I am in desperation: how do you rectify the password to your subscription? Mine was isolated due to malicious use just a couple of days ago, and I was aspiring some tutorial to do unlock my account. We attempted sending a "Forgot Password?" dispatch, but no e-mail is acquired. Facilitation?


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